Ceiling Lights – Flush Mount Ceiling Lights Vs. Semi-Flush Ceiling Lights


Contemporary Flush Mount Ceiling Lights Vs. Semi-Flush Ceiling Lights – Which Are Better?

When it comes to light fixtures for your home, there are countless options available. From utilitarian track lights to elaborate chandeliers, the choices are practically limitless. Two of the most popular options for overhead lighting, however, are contemporary flush-mount ceiling lights and semi-flush lights. Understanding the difference between these two types of lighting can help you decide which option is right for your home.


Flush-Mount Versus Semi-Flush Mount

Flush-mount light fixtures are designed to mount directly to the ceiling with no space between the ceiling and the light fixture itself. Semi-flush mount lights, on the other hand, are separated a short distance from the ceiling by a small post or stem. Typically, a semi-flush fixture will hang down from the ceiling anywhere from a few inches up to about a foot, depending on the design of the fixture.

The Benefits Of Flush-Mount Lighting

Flush-mount light fixtures are a good option for rooms with low ceilings since they provide more overhead clearance. Because they are mounted as close to the ceiling as possible, they don’t take up any more space than necessary in the room. This can make it easier to walk underneath them or to carry large items through the room without running into the light fixture in the process.

flush mount ceiling light
Dimmable Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Because the light fixture is mounted directly to the ceiling, insects and dust are also less likely to get inside. This can make keeping your light fixtures clean a lot easier.

Finally, if the light fixture that you are replacing left a mark on your ceiling, a flush-mount light fixture may be able to help hide the mark. Because the base of the fixture is quite wide, it can often be used to cover the footprint left behind by an old light fixture.

The Benefits Of Semi-Flush Mount Lighting

3 light ceiling light
CANARM Piera 3-Light Semi-Flush Mount Ceiling Light

Semi-flush mount ceiling light also has a number of benefits. For one thing, they are usually more attractive than flush-mount fixtures. They often incorporate decorative elements such as metal scroll work or elaborate shades, which can make them an eye-catching addition to a room.

In terms of the amount of light that they provide, semi-flush light fixtures tend to do a better job of illuminating a space than flush-mount fixtures. The gap between the light fixture and the ceiling allows some of the light to be directed upward toward the ceiling, helping to brighten the space. The combination of the reflected light from the ceiling and the light being emitted by the fixture itself can help create a bright, open feeling in the room.


flush mount ceiling light


When deciding between contemporary flush-mount ceiling lights and semi-flush lights, it is important to think about how they will fit within your space. If you have a room that has relatively low ceilings, flush-mount fixtures are usually the best choice since they provide more overhead clearance. On the other hand, if you have high ceilings or if you need a fixture that is capable of generating a lot of light, a semi-flush light may be a better choice.