Different Ways To Use Tech Lighting

Different Ways To Use Tech Lighting

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Smart home technology provides you with a simple way to automatically control all lighting, electronics, and appliances in your home thanks to cutting-edge technology.

You can dim the lights, check your CCTV system, arm your security system, adjust the temperature, turn on and control the volume of streaming music, and watch a movie on your high-definition TV. IP intercom connectivity allows you to answer the door, page, monitor or communicate inside a single home or between different properties with the use of smartphones and touchscreens wherever you are in the world.

With smart home technology, you can check on loved ones when you are not there with remote secure access, or use voice control to play music, arm the security system or turn on the lights.

Depending on personal desires and needs, and how much you would like to rely on smart technology, your home can be automated to respond to your schedule, making your life easier, more secure, comfortable and convenient. Whether you decide to make your entire home smart tech or start with one room and add to it incrementally, smart technology will revolutionize your life.

Smart Tech Lighting
Smart tech lights triggered by sensors were one of the first ways in which smart home technology was adopted. Today smart tech lighting uses timers that are built into the lighting system to automatically turn different lights such as porch lights, interior lights, and security lights on or off at pre-set times. Motion sensors automatically turn plugged in lamps on when you enter a room and off when you leave. A keypad remote can be used to dim or brighten these lamps.

Automating your existing light switches can be done by the addition of a micro module to the fixture that allows you to control lights without having to switch them on. Lighting connected to a ceiling fan can be controlled by a remote.

Different Ways to Use Tech Lighting

Outdoor Path and Landscape
Single outdoor LED accent or flood path lighting controlled by smart technology is ideal for lighting dark pathways or for placing an accent on landscape features.

Outdoor Wall Lighting
Modern wall sconces with LED lights aimed up are designed for architectural accent lighting aimed, or down for way-finding and wall grazing. These are ideal for outdoor or indoor applications and can be controlled to turn on or off automatically according to a schedule.

accent lamp
TEC Accent Lamp

Accent Lighting
Recessed or spot accent lamp can be automatically controlled to highlight paintings, objects-de-art, or special ornaments in the right light.

Ceiling Tech Lighting
Smart technology effectively controls the light output of efficient and powerful LED ceiling lighting from a soft glow to any brightness and scheduled to come on and go off at set times.

Once you have lived with smart home technology you won’t want to be without it again. Some smart tech will work better for certain requirements than others, so discover your ideal relationship with smart home technology by trying it out for yourself.